Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stuffed Apples

Stuffed Apple

November’s Harvest of the Month is apples. Students learned about apple trees while working in the garden orchard.  Each class planted fava beans around the apple, peach, plum and persimmon trees.  Fava beans are nitrogen fixers and take the usable nitrogen in the air and convert the nitrogen the soil.  Fruit trees use the nitrogen in the soil and the nutrient helps the trees stay strong.  After working in the garden, students celebrated their hard work by making stuffed apples.  Students cored apples and added sunflower seed butter, craisins, coconut and granola to make a high-energy afterschool snack.  

Stuffed Apples

*1 Apple
*2 tablespoons sunflower seed butter
*1 tablespoon craisins
*1 tablespoon coconut
*2 tablespoons granola
*Lemon water (1 squeezed lemon mixed with ¼ cup water)

1.     Cut off the top of the apple.  Soak apple in lemon water.
2.     Cut around the core of the apple with a knife.
3.     Spoon out the core of the apple.
4.     Put sunflower seed butter on top apple and in the core.
5.     Add craisins, granola and coconut.
6.     Place the top of the apple on the bottom.  Eat the apple immediately or save it for later. 

Student coring an apple.

Cored apple.
Student preparing the apple.
Student taking home the apples.

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