Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Harvest of the Month: Apples

This weekend, the garden embraced the first rain of fall.  The baby lettuce, broccoli, and kohlrabi awakened with the first glimpse of winter.   While the rain has come, it hasn’t stopped the classes from coming to the garden. 

Last week each class received their Harvest of the Month boxes of apples.  Many classes have cooked with and compared the locally grown, Mutsu, Gala, and Pipin apples from Gizdich Ranch.  In life lab, we have been working with Honey Crisp, Jana Gold, and Braeburn apples. Students have compared the apples and used each variety in making a scrumptious apple treat.  Below is the recipe used for 2nd-4th grades.

Apple Craisin Grahams
*1 1/3 cups of low fat plain yogurt
*1/2 cup juice sweetened craisins
*1 large apple finely chopped
*2 plain whole wheat graham crackers
*Pinch of cinnamon.
*1 Tablespoon honey

*Cut apples into bite size chunks.
*Mix apples together yogurt, honey, and craisins in a bowl. 
*Sprinkle cinnamon on top and serve over a whole wheat graham cracker.

The 5th grade continued their discussion on the My Pyramid’s food groups and measured the amount of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains needed in a day.  Students also made a healthy apple treat by coring and stuffing the apples with sunflower seed butter, craisins, and coconut. 

*1 small apple
*1Tablespoons of juice sweetened craisins
*1 Tablespoon of coconut
*2 Tablespoon of sunflower seed butter or peanut butter

*Cut the top of the apple off.
*Cut around the core and core the apple with a spoon,
*Stuffed desired ingredients in the apple.
*Place the top on the apple and enjoy!

Ellie and Della visit Bay View

Students at Bay View today watched a moo-ving assembly today.  Through the help of the Dairy Council of California, two Holstein dairy cows, Ellie and Della visited the school campus and transformed the playground into an urban farm.   By watching Ellie and Della eat, students learned where their dairy comes from and the unique anatomy of dairy cows and other cud chewers.  Students also observed the work entailed in caring, feeding, and milking dairy cow.  The most favorite part for many was the unique chance to pet Della, the two and a half week old calf.  Bay View would like to thank Jerry and the Dairy Council for bringing Ellie and Della to Bay View!