Friday, March 23, 2012

Rethink Your Drink and Tangerine Soda

Tangerines (photo from

This March Bay View Nutrition launched its “Rethink Your Drink” campaign.  The campaign educates students about the impacts of sugary beverages like sodas in energy drinks.  In the Nutrition classroom, students measured the amount of sugars in common beverages such as soda, chocolate milk, energy drinks and processed juices.  The students were shocked by how much sugar they drank on a daily basis!  Students learned about alternatives to sugary beverages like water, 100% fruit juices and milk. 

Students are also being challenged to go for the month of March without soda.  So far, over 10 classrooms have signed up for the challenge.  Classes who meet the challenge will win a smoothie party hosted by yours truly.

Similarly, every K-3 classroom is receiving their own copy of Potter the Otter books.  Below is a link to a great website about Potter the Otter and drinking water.

See below for a natural soda recipe we made in class.

Tangerine Soda:


*3 ounces squeezed tangerine juice.
*1 ounce melted honey
*Club soda to taste (depending on desired sweetness).


1.     Add tangerine and honey.
2.     Pour over ice.
3.     Add in club soda to taste.
4.     Enjoy!

Students juicing tangerines for tangerine soda.